Client satisfaction

ICR ADRIATICA continuously conducts surveys of client satisfaction since 2009. Measurement categories related to the assessment of all business processes, according to Figure 1, and the results of previous surveys show a very high rate of client satisfaction with our services.
Since your opinion is of the utmost importance to us, please fill our questionnaire and grade us to help raising the quality of our services.
Thank you for doing business with us!

Figure 1. Service quality trend

ICR ADRIATICA as a new certification body on the Croatian territory began its business in late 2008. In the last period of the first certification cycle (3 years) we’ve showed a significant rise in the market today and with the total number of 180 certificates we took over 4% of the market. Regarding the fact that before us are only the world’s leaders, it makes us particularly happy.

Since you, our clients, are our key success factors, we sincerely thank you for doing business with us!

Figure 2. Client growth trend