Confidentiality statement

Access to privileged information is necessary for certification body to verify compliance with the requirements in terms of objective and sufficient certification procedure. Therefore ICR ADRIATICA declares:

  1. All data accessed over the provision of services which contain relevant and secret information in terms of: information about the client or third parties, accounts, financial information, plans, drawings, programs, models, patents, patent proposals, ideas, techniques, copyrights, personal information, business information, the results of legal compliance, partners, complaints are considered confidential and should not be worn out or presented to third parties.
  2. Any disclosure thereof will result in legal proceedings, loss of jobs and appropriate fees. Such disclosure will be denied to persons, groups, individuals, businesses, government organizations, representatives, press and families and friends. Such information may be presented only in the case of an official judicial investigation under oath and the presence of officials of the court.
  3. This statement refers to the ICR ADRIATICA company and all its employees regardless of the position and responsibilities.

Ref. doc. CS CS 1/01.12.2011.