Certification procedure

Certification procedure includes activities such as marketing, planning, audit implementation and compliance evaluation of the management system.

Sales activities and planning are done in collaboration with the client, and special emphasis is put on partnership and understanding customer needs and desires.

The process of audit implementation and conformity assessment is impartial, independent and objective review process which includes the efficiency of the implementation process and compliance with the prescribed operating procedures. The method of audit implementation is based on a random sampling method and affirmative approach, as instructed by the organization implementing the ISO Audit with added value.

Flowchart of certification procedure

  • Client consults with the ICR about the procedure and method of auditing and after consultation ICR submits an offer for the certification service.

  • Upon acceptance of the offer, a contract is delivered to the client whose signature means accepting conditions of the contract and certification process is started.

  • Upon receipt of the contract, audit date is set based on client’s needs and options, and audit plan is delivered.

  • The client can seek assesment in terms of reducing the risk of audit failure. These activities are conducted by the request of the organization and are not covered by the offer.

  • Carried out to confirm management system documentation compliance to the requirements of the standard. Depending on the required standards, program and scope of audits varies.

  • Carried out to confirm compliance to the requirements of a norm; if the management system meets the requirements based of objective evidence, client registration is recommended.

  • For all identified non-conformities client needs to take corrective / preventive actions, and the results of such actions should be formally submitted to the certification body.

  • After successful completion of all previous actions, audit results are considered during the evaluation process conducted by the certification committee.

  • After positive evaluation, certification body shall issue a registration confirmation; certification issuing process is started and certificate shall be delivered to the client as soon as possible.