Certification marks usage rules


After successful completion of the conformity assessment according to international standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004, the company is able to promote their success by using the certification and accreditation mark on brochures, business forms, web sites, vehicles, flags, etc.

Accreditation bodies allow the use of such marks, in accordance with international and national rules, but also to enable companies to fully use all the advantages of their use.

Certification mark

Companies and organizations that are certified by certification body in accordance with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 and HACCP are able to use the certification mark according to established rules.

The appearance of the certification mark:

Clients are expected:

  1. To publish marks only with credible certification status through communication media like the Internet, documents, brochures or advertising;
  2. To not use statements that can mislead third parties (e.g., company certified by ANAB organization, company accredited by ANAB organization, company accredited by ICR, etc.);
  3. To not use the certification marks in a form that can mislead a third party;
  4. To pull all marks out of use due to the suspension or withdrawal of certificates by certification authorities;
  5. That in all cases of advertising, legitimate scope of certification must be honoured;
  6. To not use management system marks in a way that suggests that the product is certified;
  7. To ensure that the certificate does not implicitly include activities outside the scope of certification;
  8. Not to use a certification mark a way that could mislead a customer (buyer of product or service), induce wrong thinking or a conclusion that could put certification body into disrepute.

Accreditation mark

Companies and organizations certified by a certification body in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 have the ability to use the accreditation mark.

The appearance of the accreditation mark:

ANAB accreditation mark can not be used alone and should always be used with the certification mark.

Mark usage

Certification and Accreditation marks can be used in the following ways:

Place of use Accreditation mark
Certification mark
Marketing and advertising (e.g. campaigns, posters, TV ads, video ads, brochures, websites)
Promotional material
Primary packaging but explanation is permitted, e.g. “Registered by the ICR, in accordance with ISO 9001” but explanation is permitted, e.g. “Registered by the ICR, in accordance with ISO 9001”
Secondary packaging
Window stickers
Facilities and environment on the interior walls and exhibition stands, but not on the location of facilities, external walls and flags
Statements of compliance
Calendars, diaries, greeting cards

Product statement

As previously mentioned, use the certification mark must be clear and it is not acceptable to implement them in a manner that implies certification of products.

However, in this case certified company is able to use the above statement.

Adding the number of certificates – if applicable

Every certified company with a valid certificate is allowed to use the certification mark and the number of certificates.

Certificate number should be placed horizontally in the middle under the certification mark.


Multicolor printing

The certification mark in the multi-color printing press is provided by the templates of marks, but one must avoid mark clarity or visibility issues.

Monochromatic printing

When there is no possiblity to make multi-color printing of certification marks and certificate number, or company wants monochromatic printing, it is permitted to transform the marks into a monochromatic color palette and use as such.

Area around the sign

The certification mark must be aloof and the area around the certification mark must always remain empty, this area must not contain any characters other than mark of the standard and certificate number.

Minimum size

The minimum size of the logo of certification or accreditation body is 15mm. The certification mark must remain in the proportions of the templates.

Pursuant to the request, a certification mark must be readable and have consistent visual identity defined by the templates.

It is not allowed

It is not allowed to do the following changes in the structure of certification marks:

  • Rotate the mark in any direction,
  • Deform the shape of the mark in a horizontal or vertical direction,
  • Change the spacing between characters within the template,
  • Change the color of the mark,
  • Change the type, shape and / or size of letters and corporate colors,
  • Certification marks may not be used on the product or primary packaging of products,
  • Size of the certification mark must never be bigger than the company logo.

Actions against unauthorized use

In case of accreditation and certification marks usage abuse, ICR ADRIATICA d.o.o. will be forced to apply safeguard measures. Such identification measures and procedures will result from false presentation of certification status or misleading actions towards third parties.

Disregard and not correcting observed misuse can ultimately lead to suspension and withdrawal of certificates.


Only certified companies are allowed to use these marks. It is not allowed to change fonts, colors or markings of norms. Client is only allowed to add his own number(s) of certificate(s).

To each certified companies, appropriate certification mark is delivered according to certification status and choosen standard(s).

Delivered templates

The certification mark shall be delivered in the following formats: JPG, PDF, EPS and AI.
Templates are located in the corresponding folders in the following way:

  1. /icr logo – folder with logos of Certifying body,
  2. /2 anab logo – folder with logos of Accreditation body,
  3. /3 cert znakovi – certification mark templates,
  4. /4 web znakovi – templates for web sites, e-mail and the like.

Examples of use

Below are examples of certification and accreditation mark usage.

Memos and paper records

When using the characters on memos, brochures and other printed material, the company can decide about the position and location of signs. It may be in the header or footer of a document, according to design.

Mark is composed of a certification mark (left), the accreditation mark (right) and the label “Registered …” with a certified reference standard (below). Additionally, certificate number (Cert.no ……) can be put in an extra row .

Font size should be consistent with the width of the characters, centered in the middle.

Web sites, e-mail

It is recommended to put a gold seal on a web site, along with certification and accreditation marks, with respect towards web site design.

Mark can be bigger on web sites, and smaller on e-mail templates, according to design.