CE mark

What is CE mark?

CE mark is the European conformity mark (Conformité Européenne) which indicates that the product meets the requirements of safety, protection of assets, protection of life and health, protection of the environment and public interest as prescribed by EU directives of the “New Approach”.

CE mark on the product means that the manufacturer has passed all the prescribed procedures for proving compliance which is confirmed by authorized body, and it’s required for all products that require such labeling before being put on the market or use.

Example of CE mark:

Which products should carry the CE mark?

Products that must carry the CE mark are low voltage equipment, toys, construction products, lifts, machinery, personal protective equipment, medical devices, non-automatic scales, gas appliances, hot water boilers, explosives for civil use, potentially explosive atmospheres, recreational craft, refrigeration equipment , pressure equipment, measuring instruments and telecommunication equipment.

Directives of the “New Approach” determine the scope of application and are valid for all new products placed on the market or use for all products imported from third countries and for existing products in case of altered product characteristics.

List of directives and products subjected to CE marking can be found here.

Ordinance on the form, content and appearance of the label “C” and “CE” (NN br. 18, 2011) can be found here.